Water Technologies

Thames Hudson Consulting and Contracting Ltd. (ThamesHudson) is a private company registered in Nigeria in 2009 with the original purpose of importing construction material and heavy equipment.

Due to the growing need for clean potable water in the world and Nigeria, it shifted its attention to designing, manufacturing, supplying, and, assembling a clean water storage technology that meets the highest sanitary and quality requirements. At the customer’s demand, ThamesHudson also designs, manufactures, and, installs water 
treatment and waste water/sewage treatment systems.

Our mission is to utilize our years of experience and established networks to secure massive clean and safe water storage in Nigeria; an achievement that will boost the distribution of safe drinking water, safeguard the health of Nigerians, enhance their productivity, and, improve the agriculture industry in the dry areas of the north and Nigeria as a whole.


With affiliate offices in Paris, Dubai, and, Lagos, a dedicated team of experts with a wide range of experience manages ThamesHudson. Our team of engineers and staff has many years of hands-on experience, backed by continuous training over the years and an insatiable appetite for innovation.


Our production capacity is very large and is backed by uncompromising quality, and quality control measures right from the selection of materials we use and their manufacturers, all the way to the delivery and execution of our projects. Our manufacturing plant for the majority of raw materials is strategically located in Dubai, on the crossroads of Asia, the Arab World, Oceania, and, Africa. Our systems are entirely designed and assembled in Nigeria by full-time local expert technicians.

We are also capable of supplying and performing jobs all over Africa and in any sector including Oil and Gas.

In Nigeria, we are approved by the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) and the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).

Safety and Social Responsibility

ThamesHudson is dedicated to the belief that all incidents are preventable and that the goal of incident-free operations is attainable. ThamesHudson is committed to achieving world-class health and safety performance on and off sites.

Additionally, ThamesHudson provides a benefits package to all its employees and technicians, including health care, workers compensation and group life, pension, and, housing and transportation allowances.

Our Goal

Nigeria accepted to meet the water supply and sanitation goal. With the high sanitary and quality certificates we possess, we aim to accelerate the achievement of the water and sanitation MDGs by closing the gap between high sanitation standards and the way water is stored.